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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers in One Place

Can foreigners buy a house in the USA?

You don't have to be a US citizen to buy a house in the US. 

What should I do during the purchasing process?

You will receive the necessary legal and financial support through our company at all stages of the process of buying a house in the USA for our investors. 

How long is the return on investment?

The average cost recovery period for houses in the USA is 10-15 years. 

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Does home investment provide citizenship?

According to US citizenship laws, citizenship cannot be obtained by purchasing real estate.

Where should I buy the house?

Although there are different options in our portfolio, regions with lower costs and higher returns are offered to our investors as a priority choice.

How much is the consultancy fee?

You receive a 10% commission for all transactions you make through our company. Apart from this, the first meeting and information meeting costs 500TL.

Signing a Contract
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